VISOLEVirtual Interactive Student-Oriented Learning Environment (Hong Kong)
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This stage lasted for seven weeks (see Table 1) in which we harnessed multiple data collection means for looking into the students' participation in the course of VISOLE.
This section (the first tier) elaborates on Ava's, Bert's, Cara's, and Dan's participation in the course of VISOLE respectively with four descriptive vignettes.
Although Ava did not win in the game eventually, she found the course of VISOLE memorable and useful.
In the early course of VISOLE, Bert was one of the most engaging game-based learners in the class.
In our interview with Bert after the course of VISOLE, he elaborated why he had ceased to play Farmtasia--
She never read the knowledge manual throughout the course of VISOLE.
In our interview with Cara after the course of VISOLE, we probed into the reason why she had resumed playing Farmtasia, but playing it so recklessly--
Nonetheless, although Cara did not embrace the "in-the-game" part of VISOLE, she deemed that she had benefited from the "off-the-game" part.
Tina: Because VISOLE is a "learning through gaming" activity .
In the interview with Dan after the course of VISOLE, we probed into the correlation between his gaming resumption and Tina's emotional support--
VISOLE requires students to analyze and evaluate the gaming context of Farmtasia proactively, and then create optimal strategies to play the game.
Cara's arbitrary gaming approach made her have no learning progression in Phase 2 of VISOLE.