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VITAEVideo Imaging Technique for Assessing Exposure
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In 2001, Bishop Franz Kamphaus of Limburg refused to ban Donum Vitae from his diocese not because he supported abortion, but because he saw counselling as a way to dissuade women from abortion (C.
The manuscript is full of references to the aquila or eagle (the volatile principle or sal ammoniac), aqua fortis or "strong water" (mainly nitric acid), aqua vitae (concentrated alcohol, often distilled wine), "dragons," (symbolizing "the volatile and fixed principles [mercury and sulphur]," 253), sophic mercury (describing the universal agent of transmutation) and the urine of Saturn (an ammonium salt), just to name a few.
The accuracy and speed of this system has enabled Vitae to solve challenging targets in multiple therapeutic areas - discovering and advancing attractive compounds in a rapid and highly capital efficient manner.
Fiumenero added, "I am delighted to join the experienced and successful team at Vitae in their pursuit of innovative, best-in-class new medicines.
It is important to remember that Humanae vitae is not an infallible document, but it does demand that we show reverential respect for its guidance.
In Plutarchi Cheronei Graecorum romanorumque illustrium vitae.
Fiumenero joined Vitae in January 2006 as Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration.
Attracting additional capital at an increased value over previous financings is a clear endorsement of the strength of our company and the potential of our product candidates," said Jeffrey Hatfield, CEO of Vitae Pharmaceuticals.
The encyclical Humanae vitae and the Winnipeg Statement do not say the same thing.
In the Disputationes, Landino holds there to be two genera vitae, otium and negotium.
In its 12 year history, Vitae has completed thousands of projects demonstrating wide-ranging expertise in office, retail, commercial, research and development, religious, institutional, mixed-use and adaptive reuse projects, multifamily residential, space planning and interior design.
The name Vitae, which means "life," emblemizes the company's effort to improve the lives of patients with innovative medicines.