VIUFVHDL International Users Forum
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OVI members and VIUF attendees receive admission discounts.
OVI members, IEEE members and VIUF attendees receive discounts on IVC-96 admission and tutorials.
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit EIAJ Electronic Industries Association of Japan FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array HDL Hardware Description Language IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IVC International Verilog Conference OVI Open Verilog International PLI Programming Language Interface TCC Technical Coordinating Committee VHDL VHSIC (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit) HDL VIUF VHDL International User Forum -0- 2/12/96
For more specific information on the conference and VIUF, contact the VIUF Office at 415-329-0578.
VIUF support many user activities, including educational conferences, local chapters and the vhdl.
org to arrange for complementary VIUF Spring 1996 Conference registration.
Winning designs will be displayed during the VIUF Fall Conference, Nov.
The four-day VIUF Fall Conference will focus on component models for use in board design and verification.