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VIVIViestintävirasto (Ficora, Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority; Helsinki)
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Vivi lives in Hamburg in Germany with her parents and sisters.
One winter's day Vivi passes an exclusive toy store and spots an exquisite and expensive bride doll wearing a dress of perfect glistening pink.
She is furthering her love of Bournonville by studying the Fifty Enchainements, a traditional series of exercises, selected and reconstructed by Vivi Flindt and Knud Arne Jurgensen, available on video.
Vivi Tellas, an important avant-garde theater figure, served as auctioneer, achieving a perfect pitch of ironic enthusiasm.
I walked--holding Vivi on my hip, Blakey's little hand in mine--through a sea of families.
Their time at university also brought them love -- Mathew falling for Vivi Wang, 31, who had been studying at Salford before moving to Aberystwyth; Paul for Hsien Lee, 28, who had graduated from university in Oregon in the USA.
The bicycle maker has developed a battery for its ViVi brand electric bicycles that can simultaneously supply electricity to the bicycle and recharge the COCO-SECOM portable GPS unit, Matsushita said.
Claire Kevitt of Van Nuys and Vivi Varon of Studio City are part of Girl Scout Troop 1351 leader Clare ``Smitty'' Durand's special-interest group called Fantastic Racing Orienteering Girl Scouts (FROGS).
Lise does indeed remove Vivi to the shelter of the Rue Duchesne, does indeed feed, clothe and bathe her; yet almost immediately Patrice makes Vivi his new pet.
I'd known that coming here would mean seeing Vivi again.
Cuando yo vivi en Rio de Janeiro en los anos 90, fui testigo de varios incidentes asombrosos, como el de un policia que ejecuto a un ladron mientras La TV transmitia en vivo el incidente.
There are several farmers whom Spiliadis honors, the honey from the island of Kythera in the Aegean sea, the 'My Sister's Olive Oil' produced by Costas' sister Vivi, and Greek oregano, the restaurant's trademark.