VJOVanguard Jazz Orchestra (New York, NY)
VJOVideo Journal of Ophthalmology (Santa Barbara, CA)
VJOVideo Journal of Orthopaedics (educational videos)
VJOVirtual Journal of Orthodontics
VJOVermont Joint Owners
VJOVlaamse Jongeren Overijse (Dutch: Flemish Youth Overijse; Overijse, Belgium)
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VJO specialists provide direct outreach, assessment, and case management for justice-involved Veterans in local courts and jails, while acting as a liaison with local justice system partners, and re-entry coordinators provide critical casework to veterans returning to society.
During the visit, Flake and Brnovich met with several dedicated VJO specialists who are responsible for connecting veterans to available veterans treatment court services under the VJO program.
The VJO program was created by the VA to provide veterans with timely access to VA services and engage justice-involved veterans in specialty treatment courts.
Given the fact that the PSB had recently severely penalized another VJO member, Green Mountain Power Corporation, in an Order dated February 27, 1998, after finding that its decision to lock-in the Hydro-Quebec contract was imprudent and the power purchased pursuant to that lock-in was not used and useful, the Company has concluded it is necessary to have the so-called preclusion issue reviewed by the Vermont Supreme Court (VSC) before the PSB issues a final order in the Company's current rate case.