VKAVereinigung der kommunalen Arbeitgeberverbände (Germany)
VKAVitamin K Antagonist
VKAVerband Kaufmännischer Agenten Der Schweiz (Association of Swiss Commercial Agents)
VKAVictorian Karting Association (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
VKAVeronica's Kissing Army (fan club)
VKAVolatile Keying Assembly
VKAVerdonck Klooster Associates BV (Zoetermeer, Netherlands)
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The combination of VKA and antiplatelet therapy is associated with both increased all-cause bleeding and major bleeding compared with VKA monotherapy.
FVV, Frankfurt) and conducted at the Institute for Combustion Engines, VKA of RWTH Aachen University.
22] D significantly reduces risk of stroke and major bleeding than W in Asians * VKA-naive is defined as a total lifetime use of a VKA of<62 days.
patients who require frequent antibiotics), those without severe renal impairment or those with a prior ischaemic stroke while receiving a VKA with an adequate INR.
2) Thus, VKA reversal may be necessary for the acutely bleeding patient, or in the prophylactic setting for an individual about to undergo an invasive procedure.
Connolly and colleagues (2011) compared apixaban to aspirin for patients with AF who were unable to take VKAs.
2], especially the longer chain mk-7, should be closely monitored in patients receiving VKA treatment since mk-7 is a 3-4 times more potent inhibitor of VKA than V[K.
6% of the study population was men and half of the patients received long-term oral anticoagulation with VKA.
The study compared the oral single-drug solution of rivaroxaban 15 mg twice daily for three weeks followed by 20 mg once daily with the current dual drug approach of subcutaneous enoxaparin followed by a VKA.
VKA may be resumed when adequate hemostasis is observed at 12-24 hours following the procedure.