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VLBAVery Long Baseline Array (radio telescope)
VLBAVictorian Ladies' Bowling Association (Australia)
VLBAVans Leave Barn At
VLBAVery Large Business Application
VLBAVirginia Licensed Beverage Association
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Using VLBA to target star-forming regions within the galaxy allows us to circumvent that problem.
Using the radio-wave portion of the spectrum, the VLBA can receive emissions from such objects.
In autumn 2011, the VLBA images revealed a bright knot that appeared to move outward at a speed 20 times faster than light.
In early June 2009, H1743-322 underwent this transition as astronomers watched with RXTE, the VLBA, the Very Large Array near Socorro, N.
In addition to measuring the distance, the VLBA observations, made during 2009 and 2010, also measured Cygnus X-1's movement through our Galaxy.
The VLBA provides the greatest ability to see fine detail, called resolving power, of any telescope in the world.
W43A is destined to produce a planetary nebula, and the VLBA observations indicate it too will have a bipolar shape.
The VLBA detected thousands of silicon monoxide gas clouds called masers - naturally occurring laser-like beacons often associated with star formation.
We've just recently figured out how to do this well with the VLBA," says Mark Reid (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), a member of both teams.
Combining the gamma-ray observations with the supersharp radio 'vision' of the VLBA allowed us to see that the gamma rays are coming from a region very near the black hole itself," said Craig Walker, of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO).
The VLBA is a fleet of 25-meter radio antennas spaced across half the globe, with the resolving power of a telescope nearly as wide as Earth itself.
Bower and his colleagues were studying the motion of M82 with the VLBA, which links the VLA and nine other radio telescopes into a very high resolution instrument, when they noticed a very bright radio source - five times brighter than anything else in the galaxy - in the VLA data.