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VMUVirgin Mobile USA
VMUVolume Maintenance Utility
VMUVisual Memory Unit
VMUVehicle Maintenance Unit (various locations)
VMUVertical Mixed Use (building classification)
VMUVeterinary Medical Unit (various locations)
VMUVirtual Memory Unit (Dreamcast device)
VMUMarine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron (US DoD)
VMUVirtual Matching Utility
VMUVehicle Mount Unit
VMUVisual Mock Up (construction)
VMUVoice Message Unit
VMUVirgin Mobile Unit
VMUVoice Menu Unit (Ericsson)
VMUCalibrated airspeed at and above which an aircraft can safely lift off
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The VMU provides Cathay Pacific savings on fan maintenance costs and expensive No Fault Found (NFF) removals through predictive alerting up to 50 hours prior to component failure—shutting down an offending fan before it fails and causes smoke or a burning smell to enter the cockpit and cabin.
The aim of the article is to systemise the results of the research carried out at VMU in spring 2014, to determine whether the English language level of the students matches all the international requirements for the language awareness and present the motives for students to continue the English language studies on the university and college level.
The VMU has created new roles for local skilled workers previously employed by the council.
During Stage Three, the strategic goals and conditions created for the development of plurilingual competence at VMU were analysed as preconditions for the language policy development.
All the rest of the time, we use BEA [the BEA WebLogic application server suite lies at the heart of the VMU architecture, linking most of the applications together and interfacing using web services technologies and standards such as XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI].
The VMU series of Digital Video Calipers allow for high resolution, video based non-contact measurement.
The game comes with a special microphone attachment that slips into one of the two VMU slots on your Dreamcast controller.
The Deluxe Starter Kit contains the Seaman game, a limited edition clear VMU and a microphone that attaches to the second VMU slot on the Dreamcast controller.
VMU said the acquisition "fits VNU's explicit strategy of expanding its professional information activities " and of its "strategic objective of pursuing growth through acquiring high margin, market-leading branded information businesses with attractive growth prospects.
Customers can use the VMU to play games on, save games on and trade games with other people.
The VMU can be connected to the vehicle's vital signs and the information transferred in real time to maintenance personnel.