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VNEVelocity Never Exceed
VNEVelocity Not to Exceed (aviation)
VNEVarrio Nuevo Estrada (Los Angeles, CA gang)
VNEVirtual Natural Environment
VNEVisiting Nurse Educators
VNEVisitor No Escort
VNEVancouver Noseflute Ensemble
VNEVarrio North East (gang)
VNEVideo Network Element
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The purpose of the survivable virtual network embedding (SVNE) is to provide survivability to VNs running on the substrate network against substrate failures through the means of VNE.
En 2012, nuevamente optaron por la alianza parcial y consiguieron en conjunto el 40% de la VNE y el 48.
The VNE will utilise Patsystems' complete exchange solution, including matching engine, clearing and settlement platform, pre-trade risk management module and the front-end execution platform.
Nos Acteurs toutesfois vous prometent de le surpasser luy mesmes si vous les honnorez de vostre assistance ce [blank] Croyez que le demy Teston que vous donneres a la porte ne scauroit payer vne des Scenes de ce Diuin Poeme.
L'an de nostre Seigneur IESUS-CHRIST 1589, la douzieme annee du Regne d'Elizabeth Reyne d'Angleterre on equippa vne Flotte de quatre Nauires mediocres, pour aller aux Indes Orientales au dela du Cap de bonne Esperance.
The NetScout-specific SmartShapes will be released with the quarterly VNE Library Subscription Service in late December, or the update is available as a subscription add-on for Visio 2000 Professional Edition users or is included free with Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition.
Este problema es formalmente conocido mapeo o incrustacion de redes virtuales (VNE), por tal motivo los algoritmos que se disenan para este tipo de problemas son conocidos como algoritmos VNE [6-8].
I was very pleased to read the "mea culpa" and clarification in your May issue to the effect that pilots of certified aircraft do not have to make their own independent calculation of the appropriate indicated VNE speed for each altitude within its operating altitude range.
The gang expert who testified said there are 60 to 70 active VNE in the Antelope Valley,'' Blake said.
La VNE realiza un conjunto impresionante de funciones: acopia materiales educativos audiovisuales, los clasifica para que puedan ser rapidamente localizados y utilizados (clasificacion que se hace por referencia al mapa de contenidos curriculares de la primaria y secundaria y a un thesaurus de 17 mil descriptores), los programa para su transmision, capacita a tecnicos y educadores, produce nuevos programas, compra y vende materiales, investiga, protege los derechos de autor, da mantenimiento al equipo y atiende las demandas de los usuarios.
Detection of network device configuration changes (via HP OpenView Network Node Manager) that trigger OPNET's VNE Server to update OPNET models for automated network integrity and security audits.
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