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VNTRVariable Number of Tandem Repeats (genetics)
VNTRVariable Nucleotide Tandem-Repeat
VNTRVariable Number of Terminal Repeat
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Consequently, PTHrP VNTR polymorphisms were found to predict either high or low bone mass in young Finnish males.
A comparison of allelic frequencies of the E298D, G10-T, and intron 4 VNTR polymorphisms between CAD patients and controls is shown in Table 2.
The first clinical study conducted at the JGH on 19 male osteoporotic subjects had shown earlier that 16 out of 19 (84%) male subjects had at least one copy of the 252 bp allele in the VNTR region of their PTHrP gene.
revisiting biochemical subdivision into biovars) (10), and development of new typing schemes (MLST, VNTR, and spoligotyping).
The homogeneity of outbreak strains in PNG and the relatedness to strains from Vietnam by VNTR analysis is indicative of a recent incursion from the Southeast Asia region.
Even if we classified as similar 1 case pair with only 2 loci differences according to VNTR (no RFLP type available: patient 4 in the Table), i.
Four (7%) strains had <5 copies of IS6110, and these strains were discriminated as unique strains by the subsequent VNTR analysis.
Subsequently, the length of the in silico-determined repeats was subtracted from the fragment length of each respective VNTR locus generated in 8 independent capillary electrophoresis runs of strain EDL933 to determine the offset (primer plus VNTR-flanking regions).
Genotypic variation of MTBC strains at various geographic settings and significant associations between certain allelic variants at VNTR loci, MTBC lineages, and spoligotyping families have been reported (7,12-15).
VNTR markers have higher mutation rates than other genetic markers, which make them inappropriate for determining deep levels of evolutionary relatedness.
VNTR analysis differentiates Mycobacterium ulcerans and IS2404 positive mycobacteria.