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VNTRVariable Number of Tandem Repeats (genetics)
VNTRVariable Nucleotide Tandem-Repeat
VNTRVariable Number of Terminal Repeat
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8] This single insertion creates an eight-base stretch of cytosine instead of a seven-base stretch harboring in a coding VNTR region, and thus creates extreme difficulty for genetic testing.
21), posee un VNTR de 5 a 6 repeticiones de una region de 69 nucleotidos que codifica para una region de 23 residuos de aminoacidos ricos en serina, treonina y prolina, la cual puede afectar la conformacion de la proteina y, por ende, sus funciones biologicas (22,23).
Sixty-five patients with RA and 70 healthy controls (HCs) were examined for the VNTR variants in eNOS and XRCC4 genes.
leprae in the same individual by analyses of 15 VNTR loci [(AT)17, (GGT)5, (GTA)9, (AC)8b, (AC)8a, (AT)15, (AC)9, 21-3, (GAA)21, (TA)18, 6-7, 27-5, (TA)10, 23-3 and 12-5].
Conclusion: This study confirmed that VNTR genotyping can identify the parental source of polymorphic alleles in hydatidiform mole.
For IL-1RN VNTR although no overall association was observed, but after stratification based on gender, subgroup analysis genotype 1/2 and allele 2 were significantly associated with female COPD patients compared to female healthy controls.
Consequently, PTHrP VNTR polymorphisms were found to predict either high or low bone mass in young Finnish males.
Por otra parte, MIRU-VNTR 24 loci, espoligotipaje y la combinacion MIRU VNTR 24 loci y espoligotipaje, mostraron mayor discriminacion en el grupo de 104 aislados que en el grupo de 431 cepas LAM y ST 605, segun los valores de la tasa de agrupamiento, el porcentaje de aislados no agrupados y el porcentaje de aislados agrupados.
Further analysis of VNTR and MIRU in the genome of Mycobacterium avium complex, and application to molecular epidemiology of isolates from South America.
With that in mind, a Mycobacterium leprae VNTR database project has recently been initiated.
A comparison of allelic frequencies of the E298D, G10-T, and intron 4 VNTR polymorphisms between CAD patients and controls is shown in Table 2.