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Food and Drug Administration to prevent and to treat VOD and Fast Track designation for the treatment of severe VOD in recipients of stem cell transplants.
Harmonic's NSG is a critical component of a complete VOD deployment, providing the processing of multiple high capacity server inputs, multiplexing, program filtering and routing, conditional access scrambling, and an eight channel QAM modulation and upconversion.
Ronayne has helped build a talent roster at SPORTSKOOL that includes Olympic Skier Bode Miller, Soccer Superstar Mia Hamm and Skateboarding Pioneer Mike Vallely; while at Mag Rack, he helped reposition the brand to begin creating VOD content that addresses the valuable consumer trend of personal growth and self improvement.
Tahoe also has been fully integrated with the latest generation of set-top EPG and VOD applications.
The "VOD In a BOX" product uses C-COR's n5C compact video server platform that is built specifically to address the needs of smaller market VOD.
Their cutting edge technology and expertise in launching new applications has enabled us to offer our customers a more reliable and more interesting VOD experience," said Mike Goodish, vice president of engineering, Oceanic Time Warner Cable.
Kagan estimates VOD from telco TV initiatives will generate about $22 mil.
The study found that in this specific case, nearly 25 percent of VOD views to this retailer's audience were driven by BNUs.
Laura Ferro, president and chief executive officer of Gentium, said, "We are very encouraged by the results of this pediatric study as they corroborate our own clinical findings in support of the prophylactic use of Defibrotide to prevent VOD in children undergoing stem cell transplantation.
Once you start introducing new services such as time-shifted and 'start-over' video, and eventually network PVR, concurrency rates shoot up, and VOD solutions become more important in the greater scheme of things.
It incorporates a novel, third-generation method of video processing and statistical multiplexing for standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) VOD.
In the first phase, 71 children did not receive any specific VOD prophylaxis or therapy (controls).