VOFVolume of Fluid
VOFVennootschap Onder Firma (Dutch)
VOFVoice of Freedom
VOFVergabeordnung für Freiberufliche Leistungen (German: Award for Freelance Services)
VOFFöreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning (Swedish: Science and General Education Association)
VOFVoice of the Faithful
VOFObservation Fighter Squadron (Navy unit designation used from 1942 to 1945)
VOFValue of Funds
VOFVariable Operating Frequency
VOFVoice of Friendship (New Zealand)
VOFVoluntary Organisations Forum (UK)
VOFVehicle Operations - Program F
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The topology of the two-phase flow is represented by two properties; VOF represents the liquid volume fraction and LS is the shortest distance from the interface, positive within the liquid, negative outside and zero on the interface.
The board of VOF has considered the sale of the asset independently and has approved the sale of the asset to the consortium.
Our new study shows that the VOF may provide the fundamental white matter connection between two parts of the visual system: that which identifies objects, words and faces and that which orients us in space," said Pestilli, senior author and assistant professor in the College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, whose work on the collaborative project began as a research associate at Stanford University.
This new VOF Series of compact, open frame AC-DC power supplies ranges from 30 W to 85 W.
The VOF initiative has spread to other viticulture regions around the world.
Plotting and reporting capabilities have been added for the VOF model, and it is now possible to use CFD-Post as the external post-processor, allowing the creation of sophisticated plots for transient data.
Praxair eyes immediate synergies between VOF and its newly built air separation plant in Volgograd and as a result of the integration of the acquired business into its existing regional infrastructure, Skare noted.
For example, the VOF method for free surfaces when used together with the moving mesh model permits users to accurately simulate partially filled screws, complete glass furnace modeling and food mixing.
4 March 2013 - Austrian chemicals and plastic solutions provider Borealis AG said on Monday it had finalised its acquisition of DEXPlastomers VOF from Dutch life sciences and materials sciences firm Royal DSM NV (AMS:DSM) and US petrochemical products maker ExxonMobil Chemical Company.
Rijkswaterstaat has decided to grant more work in combination Krinkels BV - CSO Consultants for Environmental Research VOF on the contract Streamline realization phase 3 sub 2.
TSE:AGI), announced the completion of negotiations launching a new joint venture in Europe called Altapon VOF.
VOF procedure Extension Great gym - Sportforum Chemnitz - Property Planning Building.