VOLAGVoluntary Agent
VOLAGVoluntary Resettlement Agency
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Next, the rationale behind having qualitative comparison groups (to compare the impact of WorkStyles versus other comparable pre-employment programs) was challenged by the interview information gleaned from the VOLAG representatives.
3) The WorkStyles and VOLAG staff agreed on a simple language assessment system based on a standardized test used for placement in the WorkStyles program.
For instance, program graduates would come back and talk enthusiastically about their lives; employers would report positive experiences with new hires who had been through the program; and the VOLAGs who case-managed the refugees continued referring them to WorkStyles without reservation.
That responsibility was already assigned to the VOLAGs.
VOLAGs frequently support and nurture individuals and families after disasters.
In the response phase, VOLAGs furnish resources such as trained personnel, masses of untrained but instrumental helpers, and various facilities.
In recovery operations, VOLAGs work in partnership with government and affected communities to identify and meet the remaining long-term recovery needs of families and individuals.
In disaster mitigation, VOLAGs often press elected and appointed officials to adopt sound land-use planning and zoning, as well as to develop, implement, and enforce appropriate building codes and standards aimed at protecting and safeguarding people and property from disaster.
Refugees, and Migration (PRM) instructs the Volags to "[d]escribe
provided the Volags with little guidance regarding its expectations for
local governments and the Volags on the refugee sponsorship and
Funding concerns also led to a history of distrust between VOLAGs, some mainstream service providers and Hmong MAAs that caused less cooperation and a greater sense of competition.