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VPNCVirtual Private Network Consortium
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The VPNC is an independent organization chartered with providing unbiased information on the VPN industry.
The VPNC conformance procedure consists of three tests -- Basic, Rekeying and Certificates -- that must be passed on two separate test gateways.
The VPNC is a global forum for VPN vendors and serves as a resource for enterprises seeking to benefit from merging networking technologies.
Having passed the VPNC tests, Ashley Laurent becomes the only provider of a fully integrated suite of network security solutions to be certified at the highest level by VPNC.
By taking part in the VPNC and supporting IETF standards, Ashley Laurent is showing its dedication to the development and growth of the VPN market," said Paul Hoffman, director of VPNC.
As the world's leading trade association for VPN developers and manufacturers, the VPNC conducts rigorous testing of the IETF's IPsec VPN standards to certify the highest levels of interoperability and performance for today's high-performing VPN devices.
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