VPOPVirtual Point of Presence
VPOPVám- és Pénzügyõrség Országos Parancsnoksága (Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard)
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gave generally "high marks" to the VPOP study, though they did
information found in the VPOP Committee's draft report.
Aristotle, he said, had at least nine months of notice that VPOP would be discontinued.
For most of its 5,000 customers using VPOP, Aristotle was able to find alternative ways to continue providing service.
We've been active participants in the Mentor Program and are honored to be recognized for excellence with our vPOP solution," said Scott Landis, President and CEO, VOX Network Solutions.
The value of vPOP can be applied to large and medium-sized organizations in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and state and local government.
Customers are also now able to purchase high quality IP transit bandwidth from the Karachi VPoP and take advantage of FLAG's low latency Internet backbone, which incorporates both eastwards and westwards routing and peering at major Internet exchanges around the globe.
With this purchase of capacity and the VPoP arrangement, CNC will be able to meet their immediate customer demands for bandwidth between Shanghai and San Francisco and will be in a position to offer international city-to-city services to their customers.
com -- who already have adopted its VPOP Plus services for end-user customers.
com First to Leverage Pathnet's VPOP Plus DSL Services in Key
The multi-million dollar, three-year contract will deliver up to 1000 Primary Rate ISDNs via Pathnet's VPOP Plus Service - PRI Delivery Option across all of the markets Pathnet reaches with its digital fiber network.
today announced the first implementation of Pathnet VPOP (Virtual Point of Presence) Plus Service at the SuperComm 2000 trade show at the Georgia World Congress Center.