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VPSAVice President for Student Affairs (aka Vice President Student Activities)
VPSAVacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption
VPSAVirginia Peninsula Sportsmen Association, Inc. (est. 1940)
VPSAVirginia Public Schools Authority
VPSAVictorian Pharmacy Students Association (Monash University; Victoria, Australia)
VPSAVainshtein-Presnyakov-Sobelman Approximation
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Following completion, the VPSAs are expected to start up in 2017, added Praxair.
Once a potential purchase is identified, the VPSA allows the consumer to "ask specific questions based on explicit needs and get expert, personalized, information-driven responses to guide buying decisions," thus creating "the same experience we have in real-world stores with great sales reps every day and is what's missing from digital retail.
For example, if the VPSA indicated the institution prohibits alcohol use and possession on campus, no other questions were asked about beer kegs, beer keg delivery, presence of alcohol-free dorms, or alcohol use at special events on campus.
Indeed, the VPSA gave continuous reassurances that it was a respectable body, completely loyal to regulatory dictates.
Zadara VPSAs combine the privacy, control and consistent performance of on-premise enterprise storage systems with cloud economics, flexibility and ease of use.
Local repayments of principal and interest on the locally issued GO bonds will be used to pay debt service, and interest subsidy payments received by VPSA, in connection with these tax credit bonds, will be transferred to the local units.
SECURITY For the VPSA special obligation bonds: The bonds are payable from principal and interest payments on the GO school bonds issued by the county, held by the authority and pledged to the payment of the bonds.
This VPSA plant is designed to increase Fonderia's productivity in its annual production of 600,000 tons of steel.
The special obligation school financing bonds are special obligations of the VPSA, payable solely from debt service payments made by the county on local school bonds issued to VPSA.
Public cloud users who create a VPSA with Zadara experience a true, single-tenant server environment, ensuring the high performance and high availability they require does not vary over time," said Mark Spowart, CEO of Zadara.
VPSA school financing bonds are secured by principal and interest payments to be made on the general obligation (GO) bonds issued by participating localities and pledged by the VPSA to the bonds.
Praxair also signed a long-term contract with the Xiao Hong Men water recycling plant to build, own and operate a VPSA system for its water treatment processes.