VPSIVector Planning & Services, Inc. (Chantilly, VA)
VPSIVeterinary Pet Services, Inc. (insurance; Brea, CA)
VPSIVirtual Perception Systems Inc. (Canada)
VPSIViolence Prevention Summer Institute (Oregon Department of Education)
VPSIVeley's Problem Solving Index (management system)
VPSIVanpool Service Inc.
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In all of the 40 major metro areas where VPSI operates vanpools, it owns the vans and the programs are designed to be sustainable, Jespersen said.
Under the city's contract with VPSI, depreciation costs are born by the city, Jespersen said.
VPSI traces its roots to the gas-crunch in the 1970s when a group of employees in the Chrysler Corp.
The program was so successful that Chrysler organized the incorporated VPSI Inc.
VPSI provides the van, analyzes employee addresses to determine ideal pick-up locations, and provides full liability insurance.
WIT, which provides services such as Internet branding, design, development and database programming, worked with VPSI staff to create a comprehensive web based system for customer-employee-company communication and interaction.
ConnectorUSA will enable VPSI to fulfill its commitment to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by allowing us to measure the number of riders in every van against our optimal capacity levels and accurately gauge when and where new vanpools will flourish," explains Clark Gross, VPSI's Director of Customer Initiatives.
A single national route database administered by VPSI staff on the backend and a high-powered online mapping service allows users to locate vanpools in their area with convenient time schedules.
The extranet allows VPSI offices across the country to maintain the route database and administer their websites through a web browser, automating and simplifying many previously offline processes.
VPSI operates a fleet of more than 3,500 vans and provides transport services to corporate and individual commuter groups.
Over the past two decades, VPSI has earned a reputation for providing innovative, and often highly specialized, solutions for its customers' transportation-related needs.
By coupling with VPSI, a company whose sole business is in the transport services area, Vipre will be better equipped to fully maximize its potential.