VPSOVillage Public Safety Officer (Alaska)
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This group included all VPSO coordinators in the headquarters of the Native non-profit corporations (which employ the VPSOs) and Alaska State Trooper oversight officers, as well as state employees and private persons working in regional centers who were familiar with disorder and crime in Native villages and with the VPSO program (e.
The VPSO program is one such service, albeit with a more complicated structure.
From this perspective, the VPSO can serve a useful function if he or she is controlled by the local government.
The most relevant for this discussion are State Troopers, VPSO coordinators in Native non-profit corporations, and state bureaucrats who deal with social disorders and frequently call on the VPSO.
Said one VPSO coordinator, "It's a Western world, that's how it's moving regardless of what traditional values are.
One former VPSO saw the problem this way: "There is not a lot of abuse but a lot of neglect.
As a VPSO coordinator said, "We need more awareness.
Talking about the VPSO program, they saw organizational impediments - lines of communications and authority which were ill-defined.
If we tried to bring them back, then the VPSO would uphold traditional law.
Service providers saw the VPSO as an essential agent without whom there would be much disorder, crime, and insecurity.
Some interview questions which sought to determine their views on disputes, conflict resolution, and the role of the VPSO included: Who controlled the VPSOs, who was their boss?
of Alaska Anchorage, A Brief Look at VPSOs and Violence Against Women Cases, 28 Alaska Just.