VPSSVirtual Plastic Surgery Software (Kaeria SARL)
VPSSVice President of Support Services (various companies)
VPSSVice President of Student Services
VPSSVeterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service (Russia)
VPSSVictoria Piano Summer School (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
VPSSVice President Student Support (various universities)
VPSSVocational Problem Solving Skills
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The VPSS image sequences allow the following elements of LUTS to be scored: Q1, frequency; Q2, nocturia; Q3, weak stream; Q4, QoL.
The men described verbally to a clinic staff member what they understood the image sequences in each of the VPSS questions to represent, rated the usefulness of this visual representation as a means of reporting their symptoms on a visual analogue scale, and provided feedback on how their comprehension of each image and the overall usefulness of the VPSS could be enhanced.
The Spearman's test determined the degree of correlation between the VPSS and IPSS scores.
VPSS may suspend US poultry imports next week, Interfax said.
Russia's VPSS could not immediately be reached for comment.
Both the IPSS and VPSS were filled in without assistance by only 18 of patients al the first visit, 82 requiring assistance.
In the group with VV >150 ml there were significant correlations between Qmax and the IPSS and VPSS questions on the force of the urinary stream (-0.
gt;10 years of schooling could complete the VPSS without assistance compared with the IPSS (68% v.
Content and structure were based on the VPSS underpinned by the Trans Theoretical Model of behavioural change.
For example, the VPSS format works on identifying attractions and barriers to health and vocational participation, then generating solutions to barriers using internal and external resources.
They were also requested to complete the VPSS (Fig.
There were no significant differences with regard to age, mean IPSS and mean VPSS in the groups with VV [greater than or equal to] 150 ml or <150 ml (Table I).