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VQAVehicle Quality Assurance
VQAVoice Quality Assessment
VQAVintners Quality Alliance (Canadian wine makers standards organization)
VQAVictorian Quidditch Association (Victoria, Australia)
VQAVoice Quality Assurance (Ditech Communications)
VQAVolunteer Quality Alert (US IRS)
VQAVeal Quality Assurance
VQAViral Quality Assurance (program)
VQAVIAscan Quality Assessment
VQAVibrating Quartz Accelerometer
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The company's VQA brands include Peller Estates, Trius, Hillebrand and Wayne Gretzky.
Dependiendo de la cantidad de informacion disponible del video de referencia, los VQA objetivos se estudian a partir de las mediciones de calidad de imagen (IQA), las cuales se clasifican de acuerdo a la informacion de las imagenes que componen dicho video en tres categorias: IQA de referencia completa (FR), IQA de referencia reducida (RR) e IQA sin referencia (NR).
This helps indicate that the VQA task requires more detailed information about an image than is typically provided in an image caption.
Despite Ontario government initiatives to help them, smaller wineries face greater difficulties than the two large producers, and this limits their ability to exploit economies of scale and to produce and sell VQA wines in quantity.
However, only British Columbia and Ontario have adopted VQA standards.
The NR VQA is a relatively new topic in the related research fields.
The excellent VQA Wine Shop here sells wines and ice wines from 46 different vintners.
In establishing its cross-sectoral role, the VQA moved rapidly to introduce a new qualification directed towards those young people who seek applied and practical studies and who leave school before completing Year 12 or its equivalent.
Chateau des Charmes is famous for its wide selection of wines, and those who sampled the three VQA wines offered can attest to their fine quality.
The VQA Act establishes an appellation of origin designation for Ontario wines, which fulfills the legal and administrative preconditions necessary for these products to be accepted in markets abroad, particularly in European Union countries.
A) has entered into an agreement to acquire all of the shares, winery and assets of Niagara, Ontario-based VQA wine producer the Foreign Affair Winery, a, the company said.
The province, in consultation with wineries, grape growers and other industry partners, is enhancing programs that help producers to increase their productivity and growth, including: Helping small and medium-sized wineries scale up and access new retail sales opportunities in the LCBO and grocery stores through the VQA Wine Support Program