VQEVoice Quality Enhancement
VQEVisa Qualifying Examination (medical examination for foreign physicians in USA)
VQEVisual Quality Experience (Cisco solution in the IPTV space)
VQEVascular Surgery Qualifying Examination (vascular surgery)
VQEVinhos, Queijos e Enchidos (Portuguese: Wine, Cheese and Sausages)
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70 days to VQE in the past 12 months (range 3-4) PTA: prior to admission; VOE: vaso-occlusive episode Table 2.
A spokesperson for Tellabs said that by providing higher quality voice services, its VQE technology helps to increase revenue per user by increasing call length time, reports Cellular-News.
Other: voice processors (echo cancellation, VQE and VoIP/VoATM packetization).
The VQE Award is based on an assessment of suppliers performance over a one-year period in 12 categories, including: customer orientation; plant evaluation; lean manufacturing and logistics; ongoing performance; and launch performance.