VQEGVideo Quality Experts Group
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We calculated the Pearson correlation (PC) coefficient mentioned in the VQEG Group Test Plan [20].
VQEG is an international group of experts from various backgrounds and affiliations, including companies, research centers, universities and standards organizations, working in the field of video quality assessment.
It is the participation of technical organizations like Symmetricom that help VQEG push the state of the art in quality assessment.
Stefan Winkler has been an active member of VQEG since the group was founded in 1997.
Webster has held the co-chair position of VQEG since its founding.
VQEG combines the expertise and resources found in several ITU Study Groups to work towards a common goal.
For universality, the public video sequences databases, the SDTV sequences (size: 720x486, format: 4:2:2) of VQEG Phase I which were given the subjective quality score (DMOS) are utilized in our simulations, and the results of the 14th and 15th SDTV sequences named as SRC14 and SRC15 are selected to be recorded.
DMOS) Video sequence Method Correlation VQEG SRC14 PSNR 0.