VQRVirginia Quarterly Review (journal)
VQRVideo Quality Rating
VQRVintners Quality Alliance (wine producers standard of quality, Ontario Canada)
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Interviewer: The composition of your memoir involved, at least to some extent, varying kinds and degrees of collaboration--not just with editors such as Ted Genoways from VQR, but also with combat veterans from your family.
Interviewer: What you said earlier about the way Basho and the haibun tradition inspired the VQR essay fascinates me.
The twenty-two page VQR piece was originally ninety pages of haibun and broken fragments that were then all broken into fragments, sorted into like groups, gutted and cut down to essential material that had juice to it, and then, with these much smaller 'like' piles of fragments, the essay used a 'braiding' technique to interweave the fragments together.
I took the ENTIRE book apart and broke it down again to its most elemental parts, gutted and cut tremendous amounts, reordered using the method for the VQR piece, reassembled, rewrote, and so on, draft by draft by draft, until it is what it is today.
The VQR dropped gradually among the dates and on last observation day, the mangoes in all the four treatments appeared to be inedible or edible but not marketable (Fig.
The two commercial varieties "Sindhri" and "Chaunsa" responded in a similar way towards peel color, VQR, fruit softening and skin shriveling; there was no significant difference between treatments and control in both varieties.
The VQR complements the Ellacoya system by providing voice quality reports, historically or in real-time, using a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) measurement method to rate calls from 1 (very poor) to 5 (excellent).
With call quality being the most significant concern for IP voice users, the VQR let's the broadband provider monitor and improve the quality of voice calls on their data networks.
The VQR captures latency/jitter, packet loss and Codec information.
With Ellacoya's VQR, not only can broadband providers track call quality over time for planning purposes, they can identify specific problem calls and troubleshoot to correct the issue as it is occurring, whether the service is offered by the broadband operator or a third party VoIP provider.
The VQR is designed to provide a holistic view of call quality, collecting data for all calls at all times.