VQTVoice Quality Testing
VQTVoice Quality Tester
VQTViewers for Quality Television (est. 1984)
VQTVirtual Quality Tester (Agilent)
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A service provider has the option of running VQT software with the DCOSS solution to assess voice quality on their network.
In addition test results from each remote Agilent VQT server are compiled at the PC for review and analysis and audio from test calls can be retrieved and played with a single click.
The VQT is updated to Include POLQA delay measurement supports for Windows[R] Pro/Ultimate/Enterprise 7 and above, 32-bit/64-bit.
Bichefsky further added, "The VQuad(TM) can be configured to automatically transfer the recorded speech file to the VQT central location.
He added, "VQuad[TM] with Dual UTA HD supports Audio for Voice Quality (using GL VQT POLQA algorithm), Path Recognition and Prompt Recognition.
This allows the VQuad Script to include conditional statements based on the result of the VQT score.
Using ITU-standard algorithms (PAMS, PSQM, and PESQ), GL's VQT provides a widely accepted solution for assessing voice quality in the telecom industry.
The voice-quality measurements produced by the VQT are plotted on a 3D graphical display, providing an instant impression of overall voice quality as experienced by the listener.
The MAPS[TM] API is also now fully integrated with GL's VQT software which delivers PESQ/POLQA scores (i.
It includes a compact system comprising of MAPS APS, Analog Interfaces, Patch Panels and other optional modules (Fax Emulation and VQT Analysis) in a rack mount system.
The VQuad[TM] solution supports testing Wideband voice over the VoLTE network and generating POLQA VQT MOS along with Delay measurements, Signal/Noise Level Gain, and Jitter.