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VR1Vanilloid Receptor Subtype 1 (nociceptor of sensory neurons)
VR1Variable Region 1
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Para o teste de germinacao foram utilizadas 100 sementes de cada um dos lotes comerciais (01A, 02A, 02E, 02G, 02D, VR1, T, RECA), que constituiram os oito tratamentos dos lotes, divididas em quatro repeticoes de 25 sementes, dispostas em delineamento inteiramente casualizado.
Thirty acclimatized postlarvae were placed in 2-L plastic containers for each concentration of VP1 and VR1 cells.
An endogenous capsaicin-like substance with high potency at recombinant and native vanilloid VR1 receptors.
Resiniferatoxin (RTX), an excitotoxic VR1 agonist, kills VRl-positive neurons (92-93).
For example, participant VR1 was yoked to participant VSR1, participant VR2 was yoked to participant VSR2, and so on.
Matriz de componentes: valor de la relacion Componente 1 VR1.
Regarding the Resourcing dimension, the following items are remarkable: (1) VR1 (Develop and maintain workforce planning to support current and future requirements--): in this item the difference between capacity and importance is negative for Brazil and positive for Peru.
University of California (Oakland, CA) has patented vanilloid receptor polypeptides and vanilloid receptor-related polypeptides, specifically the capsaicin receptor subtypes VR1 and VR2, as well as the encoding polynucleotide sequences.
Attenuation of thermal nociception and hyperalgesia by VR1 blockers.
There were 14 VR1 line transgenics and four VR 14 line transgenics (CP 80-1827 parentage), and 24 transgenics of line VR 4 and 58 transgenics of the VR 18 line (CP 84-1198 parentage).
P Tympanidis, MA Casula, Y Yiangou, et al, "Increased vanilloid receptor VR1 innervation in vulvodynia," European Journal of Pain 8 (2004):129-133.
The outermost layer of the rat heart also displays VR1, Hui-Lin Pan of Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine in Hershey and his colleagues report in the Sept.