VR2Variable Ratio 2 (psychiatry)
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VR2 receivers were deployed at depths from 55 m to 80 m, comparable to two of the three oil platforms of study.
Records of the occurrence of each tagged sturgeon were extracted using the "pinger search" data processing option of the VR2 receiver software.
The VLS-410 also incorporates the most advanced architecture for voice technology in the logistics market today: Voxware's VoiceXML Browser coupled with our industry-leading VR2 Voice Recognition engine.
EXPOCAD and EXPOCAD VR2 lead the industry in graphical exposititon management software.
A steel chassis for more durability, a soft-load mechanism to reduce normal wear and tear; a VR2 data channel device that enables higher densities; a park feature to ensure track alignment if the write-operation is paused or interrupted: and a thermal monitor that activates a firmware throttle-down feature when drive temperatures reach predetermined levels.
The gym features the Cybex VR2 line of strength-training equipment; Cybex Reactor machines; Cybex treadmills and upright and semi-recumbent bikes; Tectrix virtual reality stair climbers; free weights, and a Smith press machine.
I should note here that John Eargle is archiving all of his VR2 tapes for later release on five-discrete-channel, surround formats like DVD-A, DD, and SACD.
Subsequently, the schedule of reinforcement was changed from CRF to VR2 in preparation for the testing phase, which followed immediately.
25-inch half-height form factor, a six-channel thin film magneto resistive head that writes four tracks simultaneously and Overland Data's VR2 (variable rate randomiser) technology, which increases the tape drive's native capacity and data transfer rate performance.
In 1998 it introduced new VR2 tape encoding technology for DLT drives (CI No 3,333), which is now being used on SLR tape drives from Tandberg Data and on Traven NS tape drives from Imation Corp.
The newer Cybex machines (the VR2 Strength System) also have lighter shading denoting the secondary set of muscles trained.