VR3Variable Region 3
VR3variable ratio three
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We did not prompt sharing during these sessions, and reinforced it on a VR3 schedule with general praise only for typically developing peers (e.
LCDR Moore was given a set of "do anything, go anywhere," orders to set up a special Navy Supply systems to maintain the flow of material to VR3, VR6 and VR8.
Silicon Graphics(R) 330 visual workstation with VR3, V7 or VR7 graphics, running Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Linux
The Agenda VR3 comes with a 160 x 240 pixel LCD screen with 16 grayscale shades.
Although there has been debate about whether FR or VR schedules are a more suitable analogue, it has been the proposition of the consumer behavior analysis research program that FR schedules represent a consumer's choice in a 1-week period (the prices are fixed within the shopping trip) while VR schedules represent an aggregation across shopping trips (as prices will vary between weeks), and hence the terms VR3 (across 3 weeks) and VR5 (across 5 weeks) have been used to describe particular integrations of the data in ways analogous to the schedules employed in the experimental analysis of behavior (Foxall & James, 2001; see also Foxall, Oliveira-Castro, & Schrezenmaier, 2004; Foxall, Oliveira-Castro, Schrezenmaier, & James, 2007).
Para cada fase, foi associado um veiculo representativo, sendo VR1 referente aos veiculos pertencentes a primeira fase do Proconve (1988-1991), VR2 a segunda fase (1992-1996) e VR3 a terceira fase (apos 1997).
Latest outsider to challenge the two Ps is this, the Agenda VR3.
She then thinned praise to a VR3 schedule until the participant met criterion for two additional days.
The two-component VR2 and three-component VR3 are designed for epoxies; the VR3 can handle an extra stream for the accelerator.
0, Oceanic Pro Plus 2, Oceanic VR3, Oceanic VT3, Suunto Cobra, Suunto Vyper and Suunto D9.
The criterion for mastery on each word set was 100% unprompted correct responding for one session on a continuous reinforcement schedule (CRF) and two sessions of 100% unprompted correct responding on a VR3 reinforcement schedule for two sessions during which all three group members were present.
Ed Kurzontkowski, CYBEX Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering stated, "The expansion of CYBEX manufacturing capabilities is necessary to support the recent demands on the current facility, which are largely due to the volume of new products such as VR3 and Eagle, as well as the Company's award winning Arc Trainer.