VR3Variable Region 3
VR3variable ratio three
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Silicon Graphics(R) 330 visual workstation with VR3, V7 or VR7 graphics, running Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Linux
The Agenda VR3 comes with a 160 x 240 pixel LCD screen with 16 grayscale shades.
The amount bought was the total bought within the analysis period for the brand (A) or brands (B)--1 week for the FR analysis, 3 weeks for the VR3 analysis, and 5 weeks for the VR5 analysis.
We did not prompt sharing during these sessions, and reinforced it on a VR3 schedule with general praise only for typically developing peers (e.
The Agenda VR3 portable PC device is available to test this week during the LinuxWorld Expo in the San Jose Convention Center, Aug.
The Agenda VR3 has an open operating system offering compatibility with both PC and Linux-based applications.
With the company's strong family of cardio products, including the Arc Trainer, Cyclone bikes and Pro+ treadmills, coupled with the new additions to their strength line including VR3 and the brand new Eagle upgrade, Art Hicks, CYBEX Executive V.
At this point, the reinforcement schedule was changed to VR3, and students were required to meet an additional mastery criterion, which was 100% correct anticipations for 2 consecutive sessions under the thinned schedule of reinforcers.
A new facility is necessary due to a 15% growth over the last four years driven by innovative new products such as the revolutionary Arc Trainer and the VR3 line of strength equipment.
The only behavior for which the mean reliability was less than 100% was reinforcing student attention on a VR3 schedule (mean = 95%, range = 80%-100%).
Ed Kurzontkowski, CYBEX Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering stated, "The expansion of CYBEX manufacturing capabilities is necessary to support the recent demands on the current facility, which are largely due to the volume of new products such as VR3 and Eagle, as well as the Company's award winning Arc Trainer.
0, Oceanic Pro Plus 2, Oceanic VR3, Oceanic VT3, Suunto Cobra, Suunto Vyper and Suunto D9.