VR5Variable Region 5
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purchasers, local authorities, educational institutions) VR Resourcing VR1 Develop and maintain workforce planning to support current and future requirements VR2 Recruit and select people into the organization VR3 Optimize the deployment of staff within the organization VR4 Identify individual potential to develop and meet future resourcing requirements VR5 Release people from the organization (e.
Lalli and Casey (1996) found that when problem behavior and task compliance both resulted in equal schedules of negative reinforcement, task compliance was the selected response when praise was provided on an FR1 schedule of reinforcement during the work activity and problem behavior produced praise on a VR5 schedule of reinforcement.
Spirent VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator Advances TD-LTE Device Testing
Although there has been debate about whether FR or VR schedules are a more suitable analogue, it has been the proposition of the consumer behavior analysis research program that FR schedules represent a consumer's choice in a 1-week period (the prices are fixed within the shopping trip) while VR schedules represent an aggregation across shopping trips (as prices will vary between weeks), and hence the terms VR3 (across 3 weeks) and VR5 (across 5 weeks) have been used to describe particular integrations of the data in ways analogous to the schedules employed in the experimental analysis of behavior (Foxall & James, 2001; see also Foxall, Oliveira-Castro, & Schrezenmaier, 2004; Foxall, Oliveira-Castro, Schrezenmaier, & James, 2007).
Award-winning Spirent VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator Gains Global Market Share
Spirent's Award Winning VR5 Channel Emulator Aids Implementation of Advanced MIMO Beamforming Services
The schedule of reinforcement was changed through the following sequence of VR schedules: VR3, VR5, and VR9.
Introduced the VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator, a powerful new platform aimed specifically at simplifying the latest MIMO testing challenges
Spirent's VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator received a 2011 NGN([R]) Leadership Award for its unprecedented ease of use in testing MIMO/beamforming techniques in devices and basestations.