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VRAVeterans Recruitment Appointment
VRAVampire Rights Amendment (True Blood; TV show)
VRAVeterans' Recruitment Act
VRAVeterans' Readjustment Authority
VRAVeteran's Readjustment Appointment
VRAVeterans' Recruitment Authority
VRAVolatile Removal Assembly
VRAVegetable Rights Association
VRARough Airspeed (aviation)
VRAValidated Requirements Authority
VRAVibration Resistant Anchor (construction)
VRAVariable Rate Audio
VRAVirginia Recycling Association
VRAVulnerability Risk Assessment
VRAVoice Risk Analysis
VRAVolunteer Rescue Association ( Australia)
VRAVolta River Authority
VRAVoluntary Restraint Agreement
VRAVaradero, Cuba - Juan Gualberto Gomez (Airport Code)
VRAVisual Resources Association
VRAVoting Rights Act of 1965
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Fed up with being held to a standard different from the majority of the United States, Alabama's Shelby County brought a challenge to the constitutionality of the preclearance requirement in Section 5 of the VRA.
The addition of 265 megawatts of power is significant but this only means there will be no reserve, VRA says.
The high court turned back the Texas challenge on an 8-1 vote that didn't address the question of whether the VRA violates the 10th Amendment, which grants to states any powers not reserved for the federal government.
The extra energy will be sold to VRA under the terms of a revised 25-year power purchase agreement, the statement added.
They find that not only did turnout in higher black share localities increase disproportionately in states that removed the literacy test as a result of the VRA, but also that state funding transfers to these localities increased.
3) As it happened, both the Bush and Obama administrations objected to the plans at issue, arguing that they violated the VRA by offering inadequate representation to each state's minority populations.
8) Section 5, widely considered the key piece of the VRA, requires that certain localities "preclear" changes in voting through an administrative decision of the Department of Justice (DOJ) or a declaratory judgment from the federal district court for the District of Columbia.
VRA tumbled to 37-6 against spinners Josh Bains (2-6) and Andrew Seddon (2-19) and were duly dismissed for 85.
VRA is determined to help supple adequate power to Burkina Faso to relief the high cost of energy mix in that country , he asserted.
AMD will bundle two new SP5100 chipset models with a license to Dot Hill's RAIDCore VRA technology solutions -- the SP5100R supporting RAIDCore Basic (RAID 0/1/10) and the SP5100R5 supporting RAIDCore Plus (RAID 0/1/5/10).
Although the original law passed in 1965 had been extremely successful in ensuring Southern blacks the freedom to vote, by the 1970s the VRA had taken an illiberal turn toward the blatant promotion of racial representation.
Over the years, as tourism became the engine of Cuba's economic growth, VRA dramatically increased its operations--from a sleepy aerodrome receiving 30,000 or so Canadian and European visitors a year in the early 1980s to a bulging terminal with more than 100 flights per week and half a million arrivals annually today.