VRADVirtual Reality Aided Design
VRADVery Rapid Application Development
VRADVoluntary Return to Active Duty
VRADVacuum Retort Anaerobic Digestion (Environmental Developers Inc.)
VRADVirtual Radiologic Corporation (Minnetonka, MN)
VRADVideo Ready Access Device
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HealthAlliance once used a competitor of vRad, called NightHawk Radiology, based in Idaho.
DocuSign helped NightHawk, which was acquired by vRad two years ago, receive completed documents from doctors 15 days faster than before," said Katie Kay, applications department supervisor at NightHawk.
vRad has translated its vision into strategy excellence, exhibited efficacy in its innovation process, and left a significant impact on business and society.
the vRad radiologists read; so if my guys are really backed up, we can actually send studies to vRad.
We re excited to bring his talent and leadership skills to our organization, said George Morgan, vRad s CEO.
Providers that wish to align their internal quality metrics with vRad's RPC Indices can do so independently or by partnering with vRad by utilizing its analytics solutions," noted Daher.
Cox brings to Lucid a wealth of experience in telemedicine, and currently serves as Vice President of vRad, the world's leading teleradiology firm.
Specifically, our investigation concerns whether the Company's Board breached their fiduciary duties to NightHawk shareholders by failing to adequately shop the Company before entering into the transaction with vRad.
Through the partnership with MSF, vRad will provide the expertise of their 400+ radiologists, next-generation technology and operational skills to two critical projects in MSF's organization in Nukus, Uzbekistan, and Boguila, Central African Republic.
Virtual Radiologic Corporation (vRad[R]), a national radiology practice and leader in the development of next-generation technology for radiology, has announced a licensing agreement with Baton Rouge Radiology Group, a long-time vRad customer, for its vRad[R] Enterprise Connect(SM)3.
During his tenure with vRad, the company completed its IPO, was subsequently taken private in a $294 million transaction and completed several add-on acquisitions.