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VRAGViolence Risk Appraisal Guide (criminology)
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All participants were individually interviewed and assessed by psychologists trained in the administration of all the assessment protocols, and they subsequently completed the PCL-R and the VRAG.
Instrumentos de valoracion de riesgo de violencia Instrumento Objetivo Contenido VRAG Predecir el comportamiento 12 items (factores de violento grave en adultos riesgo) de naturaleza afectados por trastornos variada.
Para analizar el riesgo de violencia en cada tipologia delictiva, se analizaron los doce factores que componen la VRAG mediante el ajuste de un modelo de regresion logistica binaria condicional.
The experts' opinions regarding this instrument differ to some extent: some studies consider that VRAG demonstrated its efficiency regarding the prediction of the violence risk in the populations of forensic psychiatric patients with a violence or conviction history (Harris et al.
Actuarial risk assessment instruments, such as the VRAG, may primarily function as a tool to sort low-risk individuals from high-risk individuals on the group level (see also Sjostedt & Langstrom, 2002).
Even with the best assessment instrument, the VRAG, only 55% of the individuals scoring as high risks actually recidivated compared with 19% recidivism in the low scoring group.
Tabla 1 Instrumentos de evaluacion de riesgo de violencia disponibles en Espana INSTRUMENTOS DE EVALUACION DEL RIESGO DE VIOLENCIA DISPONIBLES EN ESPANA VIOLENCIA INTERPERSONAL INESPECIFICA Objetivo Contenido VRAG (1) Predecir el 12 items (factores de riesgo) comportamiento violento de natura-leza variada.