VRAPVolunteer River Assessment Program (est. 1998; New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services)
VRAPVoluntary Response Action Program (est. 1993; Department of Environmental Protection; Maine)
VRAPVoluntary Remedial Action Program (Maine)
VRAPVisiting Research Assistant Professor (various schools)
VRAPVirtual and Rapid Prototyping
VRAPVoluntary Response Action Plan (various organizations)
VRAPVEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) Receptor-Associated Protein
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Some probably went to other schools, or others 'may have found jobs, so they didn't need to use VRAP, hopefully.
The surge of Veterans applying for VRAP demonstrates this program's importance to provide unemployed Veterans the opportunity to find employment in high-demand fields.
The goal of VRAP is to train a total of 99,000 Veterans over the next two years in more than 200 job skills that the Department of Labor (DOL) has determined are the most sought-after by employers.
Veterans approved for VRAP are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible and begin training full-time in a VA-approved program of study at their local community college or technical school.
Veterans who have been approved for VRAP are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible to start training full-time in a VA-approved program of study offered by a community college or technical school.
We ask anyone who knows an unemployed Veteran to tell them about VRAP," said Coy.
At the Veteran Open House in Detroit, VA will give VRAP presentations several times a day to inform Veterans about the program and how to apply, and answer any questions.
Information and the application for VRAP are available at www.
While the initial response has been encouraging, VA officials stress the need for a sustained effort to reach potential VRAP applicants.
During 2012, VA representatives will also provide VRAP information and assistance at hiring fairs sponsored by the U.
For more information on the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) program, the Hire Heroes Act of 2011, VRAP, high demand occupations, and application procedures, visit the website at www.
gov/VOW, or call VA's Call Centers toll free at 1-800-827-1000, Veterans may also access the VRAP application online at https://www.