VRBVariable Reenlistment Bonus
VRBVevey Riviera Basket (Swiss basketball club)
VRBVirginia Regional Ballet (Williamsburg, VA)
VRBVolume Related Bonus
VRBValidation Review Board
VRBVoice Rotating Beacon
VRBVehicle Replica Buffer
VRBVero Beach, FL, USA - Vero Beach Municipal (Airport Code)
VRBVodka Red Bull (alcoholic drink)
VRBVanadium Redox Battery
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In this paper a design method based on the concept of reliability of the power supply to a specified load for a stand-alone PV system with VRB storage is proposed.
Enter the VRB, a battery first created at the University of New South Wales in the early 1980s.
ie) and is also available on VRB Power's web site (http://www.
With the addition of the Scottish wind farm and the VRB order, AMSC now has an installed base and orders for D-VAR and PowerModule solutions to serve nearly 3,000 megawatts (MW) of wind power worldwide, triple the amount served by AMSC 12 months ago.
Telecom Power Systems Group will purchase 80 5KW VRB Energy Storage Systems to be sold to telecomms market operators in the US, under the terms of the Letter of Intent.
I am very pleased to announce the addition of Brian to the VRB Power Management Team," said Tim Hennessy, chairman and CEO of VRB Power.
Based on VRB Power's patented Vanadium Redox Battery Energy Storage System ("VRB-ESS"), the 5kW system is comprised of an electrolyte storage tank containing a vanadium-based electrolyte supplied to a regenerative cell stack that converts chemical energy into electrical energy.
Over the years, VRB has put in place several partnership agreements across its supply chain.
VRB-ESS technology presents a solution that is expected to reduce today's high battery maintenance costs; more than double the life of existing backup power systems; present environmental benefits (no lead-acid disposal); and improve telecommunications carriers' bottom lines," states Tim Hennessy, CEO of VRB Power.
Wayne Case, President and CEO of Schmitt stated: "The VRB Power battery storage technology coupled with Schmitt developed microprocessor control units will provide the residential and light industrial markets with a true 'plug in' solution to serious energy and power line shortages.