VRCAVancouver Regional Construction Association (Canada)
VRCAVictorian Regional Channels Authority (Victoria, Australia)
VRCAVirtual Reality Center Aachen (Aachen University; Germany)
VRCAVictim Rights Clarification Act of 1997
VRCAVirginia Research Center for Archaeology (now Center for Archaelogical Research; William and Mary University; Virginia)
VRCAVideo Rate Control Algorithm
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I m delighted to announce that the VRCA will take on this role and, as manager for regional commercial port waters, has extensive experience in working closely with port users.
VRCA CEO Captain Peter McGovern said planning for the future of the Port of Geelong is essential and will support the forecast increase in trade.
VRCA recently gained attention when it won three major spill response contracts: the Alaska Clean Seas contract; the 17th District Coast Guard contract; and the CISPRI (Cook Inlet Spill Prevention and Response Inc.
VRCA devotes one full-time staff position mostly to keeping track of environmental regulations.
Today, VRCA has about 120 employees and a fleet of vans stocked with oil spill response equipment at each of its branch offices in Fairbanks, Prudhoe Bay, Kenai, Kodiak, Anchorage and Valdez.
VRCA engineers have modified the pump trucks to lift wastes 90 feet vertically.
I m pleased to welcome Mr Dorling to the VRCA Board, he has considerable experience in senior level positions in Local Government and is currently the Executive Director at the Committee of Geelong, Dr Napthine said.
The VRCA was recently established as the authority responsible for delivering the Port of Geelong port development strategy which will have a significant impact on the future of commercial shipping in Victoria.
Dr Napthine said the new appointment will replace current VRCA Director Mr Lindsay Ward who recently resigned and is pursuing other opportunities at the Port of Portland.
The VRCA works closely with industry and with the Coalition Government in continuing to provide safe access and improvements to the Port through strategic investments," Captain McGovern said.
Entech, a manufacturer of incinerators for treatment of solid wastes acquired by ASRC subsidiary VRCA, is a second manufacturing endeavor.
VRCA also provides technicians who monitor fuel transfers at marine and land drilling platforms and, since acquiring Tracer Industries' Alaska business, is performing leak trace testing to identify underground pipe and tank leaks.