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VRDVirtual Reference Desk
VRDVirtual Retinal Display
VRDVoirie et Réseaux Divers (French: External Works, or Roads & Utility Services)
VRDVictoria River Downs (Outback Cattle Station, Australia)
VRDVocational Rehabilitation Division (Oregon DHS)
VRDVolunteer Reserve Decoration (Canada)
VRDVoyage de Recherché d'un Domicile (French: House Hunting Trip)
VRDVersion Release Document
VRDVail Recreation District (Colorado)
VRDVaccine Research and Development (World Health Organization)
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Gaming & entertainment industry to drive the growth of the VRD market
The CORDIS ENTERPRISE(TM) VRD is an important advancement in neuro-stent technology.
Although the high cost and added potential for side effects of VRD limit its patient share, most surveyed oncologists (37 percent) and surveyed payers (41 percent) perceive this three-drug regimen to have the best overall clinical profile.
The Advantage VRD was designed to provide clinical benefits in these exacting procedures performed in small vessels.
Main features: Renewal of the works contract prior to the rehabilitation of VRD AEP reservoirs of the municipality of Saint Benoit.
NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, today announced a trio of Analog Devices' ICs to provide premium-performance audio, VRD 10-compliant power delivery, and intelligent temperature monitoring and fan control for Intel's new D865PERL motherboard for desktop PCs.
Microvision's Marketing Manager for Defense & Aerospace, Steve Whiston added "we see an overall market for as many as 25,000 VRD display units across the military, commercial and flight simulator markets that are candidates for Virtual Cockpit type of displays.
Microvision, based in Seattle, Washington, is developing and commercializing its VRD technology, which allows electronically generated images and information to be projected onto the retina of the viewer's eye.
a world leader in precision optics, to jointly develop a range of ophthalmic, visualization and imaging devices that will utilize Microvision's VRD technology across a broad range of medical instruments.
Microvision will study the development of systems that use the company's VRD technology in head-worn or surface-projected configurations.
New procedure after appropriate consultation deemed unsuccessful for lots - Lot 9: Metallerie -Lot 11 VRD - green spacesille 13 A.
As we continue to develop exciting head-worn applications for the VRD technology, we also see the need for high-fidelity binocular 3-D displays that require no viewing aids, unlike head-worn displays," said Dr.