VSCOVictoria School Chinese Orchestra (China)
VSCOVerenigde Sport Club Oosterwolde (Dutch: United Sport Club Oosterwolde)
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VSCO explained on its App Store page that photos in the Discover section are tailored to the user's interests.
This makes it possible for VSCO to make recommendations seem more visually appealing and follow a certain theme.
Although Ava is only being rolled out now, VSCO has been developing Ava for some time.
It's also about the artistic view of how we look at photos," VSCO CTO Mike Wu told (https://www.
This also makes it a great tool to find inspirations for photographers and further solidify the VSCO community as a whole.
A Facebook profile is carefully constructed with VSCO Cam-edited selfies to earn ego-boosting likes, which, in turn, get high approval ratings on Tinder.
One of the most popular photography editing apps, VSCO Cam for Android recently saw an update carrying features which were available only on iOS.
0 of the app now has integrated VSCO Grid which makes the app like Instagram and allows you to share your images with the community where you can search and follow photographers around the world who are a part of VSCO Grid.
VSCO Grid, a free minimalist publishing platform, is now fully integrated into VSCO Cam 3.
We take your privacy very seriously and have implemented the ability to turn on or off location settings when sharing an image, as well as setting your default preferences for future images uploaded to VSCO Grid.
For more, visit the official VSCO Cam Blog over here.
Using PayWithMobile, all you need is your mobile number to have endless amounts of play with Clash of Clans, have nonstop fun with all the 'lives' you can spend on Candy Crush, download Afterlight or purchase all the filters you want on VSCO Cam to make your photos stand out, among many others.