VSELVery Small Embryonic-Like (stem cells)
VSELVickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd (UK)
VSELVertical-cavity Surface Emitting Laser
VSELVirtual Space Exploration Lab (Stanford University; California)
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The research partners hypothesize that the VSEL stem cells, which mimic properties of embryonic stem cells, can provide a minimally invasive way to speed painful bone regeneration for dental patients and others with bone trauma.
Aaron Havens, Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry at University of Michigan, involved isolating G-CSF mobilized VSEL stem cells from the blood of healthy donors and transplanting them into burr holes made in the cranial bones of SCID mice.
McAfee's VSEL is expected to be included with Iomega StorCenter PX series products beginning in second half of 2012.
Disenrollment takes the form of labor retrenchment, broken ties with supply chain vendors, and management decisions that have the effect of shaping future business opportunities--actions that appeared, from the standpoint of VSEL and elements of the shipyard tradesmen, to make perfect sense.
Mr May was also exposed to asbestos when he worked for shipbuilders VSEL, then called Cammell Laird, as an engineer in Birkenhead and Barrow, between 1964 and 1970.
The massive VSEL operation, famous for building Britain's nuclear subs and now called Marconi Marine, was willing to build them at a loss to corner the market and, according to some experts, they were certain to botch the job.
Sculptor Stephen Newby, who used to work as a shipbuilder for VSEL, specialises in inflated metal structures and his two-man firm Full Blown has now patented his metal-blowing technology, which will see the launch of Squeeze, the world's first inflated metal radiator.
NeoStem, which has offices in the United States and China, holds exclusive worldwide rights to VSEL (very small embryonic-like) stem-cell technology, which Smith said has the potential of achieving "the positive benefits associated with embryonic stem cells without the ethical or moral dilemmas as well as other negative effects associated with embryonic stem cells.
Since VSEL axed 900 jobs and closed the original Cammell Laird in 1992, the construction shed side of the shipyard has lain untouched.
GEC are putting in place plans made weeks ago to transfer work from it's VSEL yard at Barrow.
It was alleged the companies included VSEL and Marconi - both owned by GEC - and involved the sale to Saudi Arabia of weapons ranging from howitzers to submarines, Type 23 frigates and laser-guided bombs.