VSWRVoltage Standing Wave Ratio
VSWRVisual Standing Wave Ratio
VSWRVertical Standing Wave Ratio
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The antenna reduces the generation of higher order modes and reduces VSWR to produce a very smooth curve over the entire frequency range," says Gray.
These PXI RF multiplexers exhibit low insertion loss and VSWR through the use of modern RF relay technology.
Figure 3 shows the simulated VSWR for the length of the dipole arm (Ld) varied from 30 to 33 mm.
Figure 3 and Figure 4 show the simulated VSWR with various r_cavity and l_slot respectively.
Stability testing is conducted using multiple voltages, drive levels and temperatures into a VSWR of 3:1.
7143, VSWR = 6, and the amount of reflected power is 50%.
In the VICS band, the difference of the VSWR between the stacked MSAs with and without the ring MSA is very small.
0 turns would give a higher VSWR than a 2- to 3-turn TASH monopole, but with much wider bandwidth.
Providing 5 dBi of gain, the antenna operates both on and off a ground plane, without degradation to its VSWR performance.
In order to assure optimal ruggedness, Freescale tests the devices under conditions far beyond normal operation, evaluating them at 20 percent over rated operating voltage and twice their rated RF input power with a 65:1 VSWR mismatch.
The designs have been optimized for VSWR and insertion-loss performance.
The new low passive intermodulation (PIM) adapters from Pasternack are perfect for applications requiring high performance at ultra low VSWR.