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VSYNCVertical Sync
VSYNCVertical Synchronization
VSYNCVersion Synchronization
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Virtu MVP HyperFormance and Virtual Vsync features are designed to improve responsiveness through the reduction of redundant rendering tasks.
Virtual Vsync Experience the visual quality benefits of Vsync, while keeping frame rates high and improving responsiveness for smooth, tear-free game play without the 60 FPS cap.
NVidia Adaptive Vertical Sync technology virtually eliminates the compromise of stuttering or tearing associated with gaming with or without vertical sync enabled on the Zotac GeForce GTX 680 graphics card by dynamically adjusting VSync to prevent tearing and reduce stuttering for smoother gaming.
The device supports 18-/16-/6-bit RGB (DCLK, VSYNC, HSYNC, DE) and Intel/Motorola MPU 18-/16-/9-/8-bit bus interfaces.
This effort affected many aspects of the OS, such as improved vsync timing for faster frame rates on the display itself, triple graphics buffering for preventing dropped frames in video games, and improved overall touch-screen response.
First up, in the list of changes to Jelly Bean, is Project Butter - which uses vsync timing and triple buffering to make the touch responsiveness of Jelly Bean devices as smooth as butter.