VT1Versuchsträger 1 (German tank destroyer)
VT1Verocytotoxin 1 (pathology)
VT1Verotoxin Type 1
VT1Ventilation Threshold 1
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Graphs of the formation at the output of the PD of logical signals for controlling the keys of the inverter VT1, .
The interpretation of results was carried out according to the analysis of verotxin where samples showing positive VT1 and /or VT2 are VTEC positive while samples showing negative VT1 and /or VT2 are VTEC negative.
Rodrigues-Krause and colleagues (48) considering the specificity of supplementary training protocols, analyzed isolated ballet sets, associating them with dancers' VT1 and VT2.
This circuit consists of eight differential pairs (the first pair consist of VT1 and VT2 transistors, the second VT3-VT4 and etc.
The process elements are the following: the Catching, Filtering and Treating Station 1(CFTS 1), the Dreans 1 together with the Catching, Filtering and Treating Station 2(CFTS2), the turbidimeter TBM, the valves: VTJ, VTT, VT3, VT33, VT1, VT11, VT0, VT5, VT2, VT22, VT4, VT44, the flow sensors: TD0, TD1, TD2, TD3, TD4, the 500 [m.
Crotale uses Thales' VT1 hypervelocity missile, which carriers a 13kg blast and fragmentation warhead at over Mach 3.
The design platform (Orion) offers an unmatched high density solution converting T/E channels into VT1.
1a CONJUGACAO VT1 /a/ 3a pessoa nao marcada Infinitivo R-VT1& Tks R-VT1&PERF Tks R-VT1&INF Tks IPFV (ac)abo (3) acho (3) a)gaia (1) (d)a(n)ca (1) (arr)uma (3) boto (2) (cari)mbo (2) (derr)ubo (1) (derr)uba (1) (des)inho (1) fecho (4) fechaw (1) ganho (1) g(u)a(r)do (1) lavo (1) lava (9) sujo (1) nana (5) papa (10) p(r)up(ar)a (3) ti(r)a (1) tiro (1) ti(r)a (5) to(ma) (14) tomo (1) R-VT1&IMP chega (2) passa (1) passo (1) passa (1) ti(ra) (3) to(ma) (1) 2a CONJUGACAO VT2 /e/ 3a pessoa nao marcada Infinitivo R-VT1& R-VT1&PERF R-VT1&INF IPFV a(r)de (1) (a)te(nde) (2) bate (1) desce (23) (es)c(r)eve (2) 3a CONJUGACAO VT3 /i/ 3a pessoa nao marcada Infinitivo R-VT1& R-VT1&PERF R-VT1&INF IPFV cai (4) caiu (43) ab(r)i (2)
Tower Light has secured an order from the South African mining company, Machine Cutting Services for two of the large VT1 Superlights.
During 1961 when Rio Tinto was developing the area, a shaft called the VT1 Shaft was sunk at the Voigtskopf/Onganja mine to the 16-meter level, and an old German shaft, renamed the VT2 Shaft by Rio Tinto, was also reopened to the 37-meter level.