VT5Video Toaster 5 (NewTek software)
VT5Volvo T5 (website, UK)
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7 mm VNI-VSI VNI-VSI VT2 VNI-VSI VN-VNI VS-VSI VT5 VS-VSI VT10 VS-VSI VN-VNI VT11 Nodo IISN VS-VSI Perdida Especificaciones Espesor US espesor de los elementos (mm) (%) W14x87 6,9 [+ o -] 0,9 61 366 mm x 355 mm 14,1 [+ o -] 1 19 tf: 17,5 mm y tw:10.
Technological investigations showed that in case of remelting of the cleaned in proper way chips of commercially pure VT1-0 titanium and VT5 alloy (washing in hot solution of alkaline with subsequent defatting in the aviation petrol), it is possible to melt ingots with content of impurities, corresponding to requirements of the standard (Table 5).
The results revealed groups of six (PA2-2, PA3, NY2, PA5, NY4, PA6-2) and 10 populations (PA4, NY1, VT4, VT5, VT6, NY3, PA7-2, VT1, VT3, VT2), with two populations as single branches (PA1-2, NY5).