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VTAValley Transportation Authority (San Jose, California)
VTAVentral Tegmental Area
VTAVirtual Tape Appliance
VTAVariable Transfer Address
VTAVideo Terminal Adapter
VTAVirtual Terminal Agreement
VTAValluvan Tamil Academy (Virginia)
VTAVocational Training Adult (Rhode Island)
VTAVent to Atmosphere (automobile air circulation)
VTAVoluntary Tanker Agreement (US DoD)
VTAVirginia Tourism Authority
VTAVulnerability Threat Assessment
VTAMartha's Vineyard Transit Authority (Massachusetts)
VTAVacuum Triode Amplifier
VTAVancouver Tennis Association (Vancouver, Canada)
VTAVFR Terminal Area
VTAVirtual Tape Appliance (IBM)
VTAVirginia Technology Alliance (Midlothian, VA)
VTAVariable Term Agreement
VTAVertex Time of Arrival
VTAAir Tahiti French Polynesia (ICAO code)
VTAVehicle Test Area
VTAVertical Tonearm Angle (stereos)
VTAVarnished Tube Association
VTASoviet Airborne Transport
VTAVanguard Technology Alliance
VTAVendor Technology Assessment
VTAVendor to Advise (various industries)
VTAVisual Targeting Aid
VTAViterbi-Like Tracking Algorithm
VTAVirginia Telecommunications Association
VTAVisitor Traffic Analyzer
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It was mainly innervated by dopaminergic nerve fiber projections from the midbrain VTA.
The VTA helps evaluate whether something is valuable or good.
Trainees who complete NVQ Level 3 and Level 4 in the respective technical programmes conducted at the VTA Kaithady training centre will be eligible to join the Sri Lankan - German Training Institute (SLGTI) in Kilinochchi which will open its doors on 15th July 2016 for vocational education students following courses up to NVQ Level 4, 5 and 6.
External incentives like money work well to stimulate the VTA, but it was unclear whether people could exercise this area on their own, said co-author Jeff MacInnes, a postdoctoral researcher in Adcock's lab.
VTA is responsible for bus, light rail and paratransit
He said that "Refurbished VTA was playing its due role to overcome unemployment", he said and added that precious human resource of the country was also being made productive by equipping it with innovative skills.
Miroinjection of tachykinin receptor agonists of NK1, NK2 and NK3 into the VTA are shown to increase BP and HR.
1) VTA tours are created with a different photography technique using HD/HDR 360X360 degree view professional photography with multiple navigation options.
VTA analysis suggests that investors expect Qatari banks to continue on the same trajectory.
The "progress" VTA machines produce concrete pipe, piling, column, beam and manhole reinforcement cages.
Because this technique is commonly used in rubber technology today, it was felt that such a VTA configuration should also be used with our cure kinetics software to study the effects of deliberate changes in cure packages on curing properties.