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VTNVatan (Bosnian Moslem Party, Kosovo)
VTNVeriSign Trust Network
VTNVictoria Telecommunity Network
VTNVirtual Terminal Network (Laurel, MD)
VTNValentine, Nebraska (Airport Code)
VTNNight Torpedo Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1944 to1946)
VTNVereniging Taleninstituten Nederland (Dutch: Netherlands Association of Language Institutes; Netherlands)
VTNVirtual Telephone Number
VTNVirtual Tuner Network (Midas & TeNet group of IIT Madras, India)
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Wallbom suggests viewing the VTN website to see firsthand a video made in Las Vegas.
That's his late father, "a very highly educated and successful professional" who lost everything in the invasion yet managed to found VTN a few years later; Christodoulos took an MBA at the University of Cranfield (where he met his English wife) then came straight to the company, taking over when his father passed away 10 years ago.
As approved by common and preferred shareholders of both funds, IQN (the acquired fund) was merged with and into VTN on Aug.
Shareholders of Preferred Shares, voting separately, of VGM, VTA, VTN, VKQ, VMO, VVR, VKI, VCV, VPV, IQI and IIM re-elected the following Trustee: David C.
The successful trial of coherent 100G technology on our network provides us with a seamless upgrade path from 10G and 40G to 100G to accommodate the growth of high-bandwidth services like IPTV, broadband Internet, 3G mobile traffic and Ethernet business services," said Luong Manh Hoang, managing director of VTN.
As we look to implement a significant network upgrade, we needed a painless migration strategy from our existing 10G infrastructure to accommodate much higher demands on our network," said Luong Manh Hoang, managing director of VTN.
We designed this new profitability benchmark exclusively for Ingram Micro's VTN community with the goal of helping members reduce their business risk, grow faster and drive best in class results.
In addition to Exigent, VTN member companies donating their professional services to The Center included SysIntegrators, PriorityOne Group and Compulink Technologies.
a leading provider of talent management solutions, has acquired VTN Technologies, Inc.
The system makes use of an OpenADR Alliance accredited open source VTN issued by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to act as a reference for testing Virtual End Nodes (VENs), as a platform to run small scale pilots, or as a learning tool to enhance understanding of the OpenADR technology.
OIA, IIM, IQI, VKI, VBF, VCV, VMO, VKQ, VPV, VGM, VTN and VVR are amending their Plans to adopt "Opt-Out" plans.
Shareholders of MSY, OIA, OIB, OIC, ICS, IQN, IIC, IQC, VCV, VTN, VKI, VPV, VVR, VLT and VGM approved the redomestication of the Funds into Delaware statutory trusts.