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VTNVatan (Bosnian Moslem Party, Kosovo)
VTNVeriSign Trust Network
VTNVictoria Telecommunity Network
VTNVirtual Terminal Network (Laurel, MD)
VTNValentine, Nebraska (Airport Code)
VTNNight Torpedo Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1944 to1946)
VTNVereniging Taleninstituten Nederland (Dutch: Netherlands Association of Language Institutes; Netherlands)
VTNVirtual Telephone Number
VTNVirtual Tuner Network (Midas & TeNet group of IIT Madras, India)
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In the VTN and VTD groups, depending on the daily-consumed fluid and rats' body weight, the concentration of vanadyl was adjusted so that each rat received a similar amount of vanadyl sulfate (table 1).
Thorne said that an integral part of the VTN program is for veterans to identify the barriers to overcoming a difficult transition, and to recognize these barriers early in their transition.
VTN Food Products also offer other products like fruits and vegetables, herb-based candies, taro chips and green chili sauce.
For cell growth experiments 500 l of VTN solutions diluted in PBS were aliquoted into the dishes (diameter 3 cm NUNC Rochester NY) or 100 l into the 96-well dishes left at room temperature for 18 h and then at 4C for another 18 h.
Wallbom suggests viewing the VTN website to see firsthand a video made in Las Vegas.
That's his late father, "a very highly educated and successful professional" who lost everything in the invasion yet managed to found VTN a few years later; Christodoulos took an MBA at the University of Cranfield (where he met his English wife) then came straight to the company, taking over when his father passed away 10 years ago.
VTN Shipping is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyprus-based Farahead Holdings Ltd, which also controls Frontline.
VTN used the ActivFlex 6500 Packet-Optical Platform and was reportedly able to seamlessly add coherent 100G lines to its in-service network with no re-engineering of existing fibre routes or additional equipment required.
Invesco Trust for Investment Grade New York Municipals VTN USD0.
This will extend the benefits of the NEC VTN application to customers with an existing HP Networking-based infrastructure.
After Fluxys combined the unita[euro](tm)s transmission operations in the Troll and VTN pipelines with its own infrastructure business, Fluxys & Co was left with the stake in BW GDF SUEZ Boston as its sole asset, the vendor said.
Ciena's 40G solution allows VTN to upgrade its existing 10G national backbone across country sites to 40G with the simple addition of transponder cards and no re-engineering of existing fibre routes or additional equipment required.