VTUAVVTOL Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (US DoD Fire Scout)
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HSCWP VTUAV was no exception and the unique aspect of UAS exhibited new ones.
We are delighted to be a member of the Navy's VTUAV team,'' said Ralph D.
During the next several months, the Naval Air Systems Command will be examining various weapons that are considered viable candidates for the VTUAV.
is being awarded a $43,781,216 modification to a previously awarded cost-plus-incentive-fee, firm-fixed-price contract (N00019-12-C-0059) for the production and delivery of five MQ-8 Firescout vertical take-off and landing tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (VTUAV) and one ground control station in support of the VTUAV endurance upgrade rapid deployment capability effort.
The Navy intends to use the Firescout VTUAV system to support aviation-capable ships and Marines ashore.
The VTUAV could eventuate as a derivative of the Northrop Grumman Sea Scout (one version of which has been selected for the US Army Class IV UAV for its Boeing-led Future Combat System), or a variant of the US Coast Guard's Bell Eagle Eye tilt-rotor vehicle, of which 69 examples are expected to be purchased by that service.
7-million contract for engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) of the service's Vertical Take-off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VTUAV) system, the Model 379 VTUAV.
Navy LAMPS helicopter Hawklink, VTUAV, and Extending of the Littoral Battlefield (ELB) exercise; the U.
We're also proud that the Navy continues to call on the Harris/BAE SYSTEMS team to provide TCDL-related solutions for other platforms such as LAMPS and VTUAV.
The role of the VTUAV was to provide real-time reconnaissance and targeting with laser designation.
In a major extension to its presence on key UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms, L-3 also won the VTUAV (Vertical Takeoff Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) contract.