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VUTVanuatu (ISO Country code)
VUTVaal University of Technology (South Africa)
VUTVictoria University of Technology (now Victoria University)
VUTVysoke Uceni Technicke (Czech: Brno University of Technology; Brno, Czech Republic)
VUTVoie Unique Temporaire (French: Unique Temporary Lane; railroad)
VUTVelocity Upstroke Time
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2, antenna 1 is responsible for receiving the emissions of the VUT as well as the CAN bus noise, and antenna 2 captures only the CAN bus noise correlated with the noise component in the signal received by antenna 1.
Theory of machining, forming and cutting tools, UST FSI VUT, ISBN 80-214-2374-9, Brno, Czech republic
VUT schemes are now available to only 2% of all employees with transition to the new schemes expected to expire by 2015 (OECD, 2005, p.
Les principaux avantages du VUT sont le degre eleve de proportionnalite et le fait que les electeurs peuvent choisir entre differents candidats d'un meme parti, plutot que de se retrouver avec un seul candidat ou une liste determinee par les huiles du parti.
The data set was constructed by scoring the presence or absence of 39 RAPD markers generated by four primers (A-09, A-11, A-15, and ROG2) in 25 plants of the populations not collected from germplasm collections: CKT, FIT, GET, KIT, MAT, MST, NLD, RAT, RLT, TAT, VRD, and VUT (Table 1).
Louise is currently employed as a lecturer at VUT (Social Work Unit - Department of Urban and Social Policy) and has a background in human services planning, management and delivery in local government and regional organisations.
The International Indie Summit is organised in association with A2IM, AIM, BIMA, Impala, PIL, UFI, UPFI, VUT & WIN.
Svacina, Electromagnetic Compatibility [Elektromagneticka kompatibilita], Brno: VUT Brno, (2002)
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IAEL 2005 JOURNAL AUTHORS Rachel Atkins, US Schillings Ken Burry, US Greenberg Traurig (editor) Jay Cooper, US Greenberg Traurig (editor) Mark Bateman, UK Davenport Lyons Stephan Benn, Germany VUT Marcel Bunders, Netherlands Hellingman Bunders Advocaten Vincent H.