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VUZEVyzkumny Ustav Zemedelske Ekonomiky (Czech: Research Institute of Agricultural Economics; Prague, Czech Republic)
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Researchers also found a security vulnerability in uTorrent and Vuze (another client to avoid) last year that enabled attackers to redirect uTorrent traffic toward a single website, taking the targeted site offline.
For example, the Canadian Internet service providers in the example above may have intended to protect all real-time applications even if those applications used peer-to-peer file-sharing protocols, (428) but they may not have realized that there are applications, such as Vuze, that use a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol but are sensitive to delay.
Charekteristika celkoveho agrarniho zahranieniho obchodu ER, obchodu s EU celkem a v ramci Evropske dohody, Prague: VUZE.
It is worth noting that most BitTorrent clients and particularly the most popular ones such as uTorrent and Vuze support PEX [10], thus we are able to retrieve the neighbourhood for almost every reachable peer.
proceeding in response to a petition filed two weeks later by Vuze,
Out of the 61 seminars that were offered, VideoAge Daily at NATPE identified a number of worthwhile sessions, including, "Reshaping the Advertising Measurement Ecosystem," which examined advertising industry trends; "How to Make IPTV Work," which featured Gilles BianRosa, CEO of Vuze, Inc.
Fanhattan is created by the same group that brought you the Vuze technology and is led by a team of experienced executives, designers, and engineers from TiVo, Netflix, Vudu, Disney, MTV, MGM, Apple, Best Buy, E
Torrents Time is a web browser plug-in that, for the first time ever, makes it possible for users to stream pirated movies and TV shows directly to their browser, eliminating the need to download a separate, often bulky, torrent application like uTorrent or Vuze.
Press and Public Knowledge, and commercial Web site operators like Vuze.
Syabas' product family, which includes the award-winning Popcorn Hour, A-110, C-200 and just announced Popbox, enables users to access content such as high- and standard-definition video, music, photos and services, such as BBC, CBS, CCTV, CNET TV, CNN, NBC, Photobucket, Revision3, SHOUTcast, Veoh, Vuze and DLTV, over a local network and the Internet.
It's a major shift that could ultimately mean users no longer need to download separate web applications like uTorrent or Vuze to download torrent files.
Popcorn Hour products today stream news and entertainment content from a number video partner sites including Vuze, Revision 3, Mediafly, CNET TV, Veoh, Blip.