VVAWVietnam Veterans Against the War
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But in keeping with his composed personality, he took every opportunity to participate in quiet, peaceful demonstrations with his 20 veteran friends - so peaceful, in fact, that some other anti-war groups thought Vaaler's VVAW was overly polite.
As a consequence, many vets distrusted not only standard psychiatric services but also the private offices of former combat psychiatrists, themselves VVAW members.
VVAW members tended to fall into the latter category.
Challenges to its credibility were answered by historian John Prados in "Round up: Historians' Take: John Prados: the Winter Soldier Investigation Was Never Discredited," New Republic, August 30, 2004, reprinted on the website of the VVAW, http://www.
As a VVAW activist, for instance, he has participated in resistance to U.
Therefore, they were genuinely shocked when the public and much of the media chose to ignore the Winter Soldier Investigation, a series of war crimes hearings sponsored by VVAW in January and February 1971.
The bulk of Hager's interview is taken up with his involvements in VVAW, his reflections on American society, and the difficulty that Vietnam vets have had communicating with a "society that don't fuckin' listen.
43) The editors, poets, and supporters of VVAW and 1st Casualty Press had succeeded, despite initial difficulties, in producing and spreading the powerful words of witness contained within the pages of Winning.
The chapter ends with an account of the government's case against the "Gainesville Eight," VVAW members accused of conspiracy to disrupt the 1972 Republican Party convention in Miami Beach.
Beside Kerry during the Senate testimony was fellow VVAW leader Al Hubbard, a man who had lied about serving in Vietnam and had ties to the leftist, revolutionary Black Panther Party.
Uhl also claims that I'm way off in asserting that VVAW was leery of associating itself with the Dellums committee hearings--a statement made on tape by Jack Smith.