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VVERVoda-Vodyanoi Energetichesky Reaktor (Russian: Pressurized Water Reactor)
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The aim of the research is working out grounds for improvement of the VVER operation safety-efficiency balance, for that a new approach to minimizing the radioactive leakage into the VVER circuit under normal operating conditions, based on minimizing the damage parameter of fuel claddings, is proposed.
So, thanks to VVER designed NPPs built in the world 15 Gt.
VVER is a Russian nomenclature for water-cooled and ater-moderated reactors.
New Russian VVER projects in Iran--like those currently underway in China-would be subject to standard commercial construction schedules including milestones.
Located 30 kilometres west of the capital, Yerevan (NOTE: SPELLING IS CORRECT), Metsamor was originally shut down after a 1988 earthquake devastated Armenia but one of its two VVER 440 USSR-vintage reactors was re-launched after a six year hiatus to rescue the country from severe energy shortages due to a blockade by neighbours Azerbaijan and Turkey.
The first Soviet-designed VVER, 440MW reactor is about 80% completed, with the second only about 20% finished.
Most will be enhanced versions of the VVER 1000 model of pressurised water reactor, which was tested for the first time at the end of the 1970s.
10 VVER 440/230 pressurized water reactors, including two units at Bohunice;
Take the VVER 440-230, the next generation reactor after the Chernobyl class.
Both nuclear power plants are VVER 440 reactors and owned by the Slovakian energy company Slovenske Elektrarne a.
The political factor wasn't the only reason behind the choice of Rosatom to build the El Dabaa Power Plant, but also the technical excellence of the company, which has built and operated tens of VVER reactors all over the world.
Established by a joint venture between India and Russia, the Kudankulam nuclear power project envisages to build two 1,000 MW VVER type reactors by the end of last year.