VVGVersicherungsvertragsgesetz (German: Insurance Contracts Act)
VVGVincent Van Gogh (painter)
VVGVision, Video, and Graphics
VVGVietnam Venture Group
VVGVerhoeff-Van Gieson Stain (microscopy)
VVGVictoria Blue Van Gieson (staining technique; microscopy)
VVGVirtual Vacation Guide (website)
VVGVeleucilište Velika Gorica (Croatian: Velika Gorica College; Croatia)
VVGVectis Vehicle Graphics (UK)
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Currently, as part of the ERASMUS programme, four students from Czechoslovakia and two from Poland are taking part in the undergraduate course of eye optics, with some twenty VVG students undertaking studies abroad.
Patnaik VVG , Archana Goel(2010) Lip Morphometry and dentofacial analysisbased data for personal identification & forensic significance--a study in 250 Indian adults JINPAFO Vol 1, Jan
On the one hand, the VVG regulation is a process of demarketization insofar as the voluntariness of concluding contracts is restricted (e.
Movat, VVG, and H&E stains were employed to determine decellularization and fiber degradation.
Hilmar Bischof, VVG Petrochemical Production Manager.
The tempting cakes and pastries are all homebaked, ditto the amazing bread, which was logged in my notebook as VVG.
Invitation to tender : Detailed task description The contract includes the completion of the following personal insurance: Lot 1: -Obligatorische Accident insurance pursuant to UVG -Kollektive Accident insurance (extended accident insurance) -Freiwillige Accident insurance in addition to UVG Lot 2: -Kollektive Sick pay insurance for VVG.
Tenders are invited for KG Electric cable 4x6 mm2; Electric cable KG 4h2,5 mm2; Electric cable KG 1h16 mm2; Electric wire PVS 5x6 mm2; Electric wire PVS 2h1,5 mm2; Electric power SHVVP 3h2,5 mm2; Electric power SHVVP 2h1,5 mm2; Electric cable VVG 3h16 mm2; Self-supporting insulated wire AsXSn 4h95 mm2 - 1000V; Electric cable KPPt OK-net-R (100) 2 * 2 * 0,50 (UTP - cat.
Collective daily sickness allowance insurance according to VVG (Detailed requirements as per separate Request Catalogue).
Collective daily sickness allowance insurance according to VVG (Detailed requirements as per separate "Request Catalogue") Insured persons: The entire staff Insured benefit: 80% of the AHV annual salary (per person / year max.