VVIPVery Very Important Person
VVIPVery, Very Important Parts
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Avval has headed the design, testing and integration of custom acoustic systems for more than 65 individual business jet models ranging in size from small narrow cabin jets up to and including the wide body VVIP Boeing 747.
The law-and-order situation in those days was normal, there was no threat to the lives of VVIPs and so no commandos or sophisticated arms and ammunition were required to protect them.
The VVIP movement led to severe traffic jam on the main roads which caused hardships for motorists in the provincial metropolis, he added.
After the aircraft gates were closed, the pilot announced that there will be a short delay due to VVIP movement.
Students would be VVIP in schools and patients in hospitals", he said adding, aside from this the victims would be VVIP.
In a new twist in the scam-tainted VVIP chopper deal, Italian prosecutors have shelved proceedings against Finmeccanica, the parent company of AgustaWestland, in the case of alleged kickbacks in the Rs 3,600 crore deal.
Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY)(TYO: 7201), a Japan-based automaker, has launched the limited edition 2014 Patrol VVIP edition in the UAE and GCC.
The exclusive VVIP Patrol also sports special design chrome finish alloy wheels; and passengers will notice the special logo 'Patrol' stitched in the front seats.
The third variant VVIP comes with blast proof carpet and bulletproof glass with power windows in addition to the features in the Premium kit.
The new facility at DWC, offering enhanced and customised services to its VVIP customers, could begin construction by the summer and be completed by the end of 2015.
With the Ministry of Defence (MoD) having announced its decision to cancel the contract with AgustaWestland for 12 AW101 VVIP travel helicopters, the Indian Air Force (IAF) which caters for VVIP travel, is staring at a crisis.
YENy DELHy (CyHAN)- Responding to alleged irregularities in the contract for 12 helicopters from AgustaWestland for the VVIP use, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has requested the Italian government to provide authenticated details of the deal.